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Pro Plan Helpdesk R&D

R&D Mediation proposes a quick and reliable access to our experts through this helpdesk. Please join us . Frequently requests have one of nine main types:




Resources finding (human, technical, partnerships) required by the company of by a specific project. We provide relevant and efficient solutions, acting independantly and business oriented.


Problem solving (safety, obsolescences, methods). You can access to an expericenced network of R&D professionals, able to give you up-to-date information or fast tracks to obtain them, including creativity management solutions.

  Experimental methodology, strategy to target a specific technical objective (Medium term roadmap, RDISA, ED)
  Potential assessment, TRL (technological readiness level) assessment
  Innovation funding
  Support for calls (H2020, R&D projects, Key enabling technologies)
  Publication strategy
  Compliance with EU/US/BRICS R&D roadmap


We currently cover mainly: Chemistry, Physics, Analyses, Enegetics, Energi, combustion, pyrotechnics, métallurgy, matérials, polymers, safety, risk management, scientific IT, numerical chemistry, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, management*, créativity*, processes, métrology, information systems, experimental design, REACh, H2020*, allocation of performance, Calls*, controls, proof of concept, EI*, nanomaterials, rheology, thermics, value analysis, R&D* roadmaps**, Knowledge management, skills management, culture of innovation*... 


(*) Domain accessible without subscription


Please contact us for more information and check what is suitable for you.


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