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Check dimensional validity of an equation


Pi is a command line utility able to check the dimensional validity of an equation.

  • Usage: pi language(en|fr|math) out(text|latex|maple) action(list|pi)  (vareq1 vareq2) ... varbase
  • Examples:
    • pi en text list : list all the available physical values in english
    • pi math latex pi m a F : test the Newton law (should find F=m.a) and gives the result in latex format
    • pi en text pi mass speed energy : test the kinetic energy relation in english, formatted in text
    • pi fr maple pi Hplanck frequence energie : test the Schoedinger equation in French and in maple ouput format


Finding a law for energy of a blast in gas as a function of distance, density and time.

  1. Apply pi command: pi math text pi d t x E
  2. The result is E = K. d^1.00 t^-2.00 x^5.00
  3. That is the Taylor's equation E=K  ρ0.r5/t2

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